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Universal Light Bulb Moment

Let’s face it ~ Change is uncomfortable.

Things end.

Fall apart.

Don’t work out.

It can come without warning and feel a lot like chaos. What’s next is not always clear. There is fear in that. What will be left behind? What will I have to let go of? Will I be okay? The uncertainty doesn’t feel good. When this happens it can feel a lot like failure, rejection or loss.

Recently I had a series of situations that, when looked at individually, felt a lot like failing.

There were some sighs and frowns that came with processing but then there was that Universal Lightbulb Moment (ahem…yes, again…but sooner rather than later this time!!!) when I was reminded that the only thing that is constant is change.

Change is often disguised as a myriad of discomforts. I know this, but it’s sneaky!!! Getting caught up in the moment, I forget to breathe deep and flow with it, allowing myself to see these moments as necessary parts of the bigger design for me. Struggle is a necessary part of growth and change ~ just watch a flower blossom from a bud or a butterfly emerge from a cocoon. You know that can’t be easy, but the outcome is amazing.

I'm grateful for the a-ha moments and messages from the Universe that remind me to greet transition with gratitude instead of fighting it and I’m ready for all that is meant for me.

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