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I had the most amazing weekend! I spent Friday-Sunday with a group of incredible women at a retreat called "Let Go. Flow. Grow". Boy did we do just that! I have never felt so close to a group of women in such a short time. We did hard work, we laughed, we cried, and we bonded. Oh, and the yoga and sound baths were soul cleansing. 

Women's Weekend Retreat Attendee

Today was my first Garden of the Goddesses experience and it was powerful to be in the presence of other women seeking self empowerment. A reminder it's a superpower remaining soft and leading with love especially amongst the daily chaos and confusion. We shared personal experiences, shed tears, hugged it out. Amy is thorough and detailed about her content and it's obvious this is her passionate labor of love. You'll leave the workshop feeling like you've made friends for life after connecting over similar vulnerabilities.

"Let's Talk About Boundaries" Attendee

This retreat opened a door to healing that I could not have found alone. The sisterhood experience is powerful. We were able to see our humanity in a safe place and nurture one another through the process of rediscovering ourselves. All of our stories are important and the healing balm that came from sharing will be appreciated always.


Women's Weekend Retreat Attendee

I am so glad that I signed up for the Road Blocks Zoom! The meeting time was great for an evening discussion and the weekly session was also perfect for keeping me on task. Part of my personal struggle for “Getting Out of My Own Way” has been self sabotage by procrastination so this class pattern was a success for me! I loved the discussions with the others and our albeit very different journeys in life, the common paths we are traveling. Amy is a terrific guide through the self inspection, leading us to discover our own best strategies for improving life’s flow. I am now aware of most of my areas in life that cause friction so this positive experience will continue to help me move forward with my goals.

Getting Out of Your Own Way Series

I'm so glad I took the time to go to my third Garden of the Goddesses retreat! While they are all on the theme of self-love, they are not getting old for me. This time, we focused on boundaries and I deepened my understanding of how to recognize where and when I need to establish a boundary and how to go about doing that. Once again, I loved and appreciated the support of the women that Amy brought together. Amy clearly puts so much thought into how to run her retreats , with exercises that help clarify our challenges and practical steps to meet those challenges. I'm someone who can feel nervous in a group if I don't think it's being well-led. I always feel safe when Amy is leading the group. Thank you to Amy and the women who shared last Sunday with me!

The retreat was just what I needed right when I needed it. I've been in the middle of dissolving a 22 year marriage and was having a hard time. The first thing I was reminded of was my breath and how shallow it had been. And then came working through harder emotions and thought patterns I have had for way too long.

Women's Weekend Retreat Attendee

This past weekend I pushed myself to do something outside my comfort box. I went to a women's retreat, "Let Go. Flow. Grow". I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful women. Their hearts and souls were compassionate, loving, warm, gentle, non-judgmental and safe. We saw each other and our struggles were strangely similar. I took the time to reflect on the negative in the beginning and then throughout the retreat was turning negatives into positives. The things I thought of as failures were now learning opportunities. The things I saw in myself as "bad" were now strengths and empowered me to view myself as a complete and total badass that clawed through adversity to make a beautiful life. The retreat let me SEE ME and LOVE ME. I am grateful for the tribe of goddesses I have found. The instant, deep rooted connections were beautiful. Thank you to the wonderful facilitators that made this happen. You three are strong, badass women!!!

Women's Weekend Retreat Attendee

I've learned that practicing self love and boundaries will take some time. That it is okay to take time for myself and it is not being selfish. I am worthy and my journey is just beginning.

Self Love One Day Journey

I am grateful for my experience at the Self Love 1-day retreat. Amy and the other participants held space for me and I felt validated and accepted for who I am. I am now equipped with real tools to set boundaries with myself and others. 

Self-Love One Day Retreat

Life is good! I have been practicing self love and setting boundaries thanks to the Garden of the Goddesses workshop I went to! Making more time for me and finding balance in my life

Self-Love One Day Retreat

Amy has such a calming energy and she and Misty together led an amazing retreat! From tears to laughs and laughs to tears, would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone looking to let go of any negative thoughts/feelings and flow into positive growth!

Women's Weekend Retreat Attendee

Boundaries Retreat Attendee

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