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Who I Am

I firmly believe there are no teachers, only students. I am here to create an environment of acceptance, emotional safety and positivity during our time together. I tailor my individual sessions to align with your needs. In group experiences, I strive to create a vessel in which each woman feels individually empowered, allowing beautiful opportunities for sharing and bonding.



Amy DeAnda

Founder and Host

It is my core belief that, as women, we are stronger together. I believe we should be lifting each other up and also getting in touch with that ever-blooming goddess within ourselves. Through my own healing journey, I have taken my experiences and created a life of leading with love and a foundation for sharing. This is my purpose and what motivates me every day.

I hope we have an opportunity to meet. I would be truly honored to be a part of your journey.

Recently featured in the Inspiring Stories Section of Voyage Austin magazine!

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