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Twenty-Two in Review

2022 was definitely a year of accomplishments and personal growth. As I thought about the writing of this, I actually found myself saying "that happened this year?" ....because I actually forgot how much happened.

1. I started out this year having an emotional low point (followed by a full on meltdown...) around finances. It's hard turning an idea into a business....and also hard getting a business off the ground. I talked myself through a lot of Fear of Failure in the early part of this year ... and, who am I kidding?... My partner spent a lot of time being really patient with me while I cried in a puddle of self-doubt. The end of this year brought a GIANT personal breakthrough related to the root of my deeply-seated financial insecurities, allowing me to let go of shame, fear, and feelings of unworthiness, clearing the way for me to more freely manifest in the new year. This was truly the biggest obstacle weighing me down in life and it's crazy how far back those negative messages can originate from.

2. I also complain a lot about being technologically challenged. This year I developed my first website, challenging the story I tell myself (and everyone else) and it's truly an impressive site so I now remind myself I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for!

Part of creating my website meant...

3. I stepped bravely into 100% self-employment for the entire year and fully embraced living my purpose.

As a result...

4. I planned and facilitated six successful in-person retreats and one 5-week Zoom course! It was a magical experience watching the Garden of the Goddesses come to life in such a powerful way.

5. My great love for writing took a front seat this year. Between my two blog sites and also the original content for my retreat offerings, I have written more this year than I have in years. It required me to embrace vulnerability to share meaningful and passionate thoughts.

This year I was also reminded once again that healing isn't linear....

6. I tackled another layer of understanding, grace and gratitude for the experience of difficult family relationships.

and related ....

7. I held a Letting go Ceremony related to my younger estranged son, allowing myself permission to fully focus on myself and to devote my energy to those who choose me and be 100% okay with that. It took 13 years to come to this decision.

8. I achieved 10 years cancer- free on December 31st!!!

Looking at this now, I realize that the residual of long-standing fears and insecurities eventually finds a way to end up in your face. This year really taught me that those fears were really just old ways of thinking and patterns of thought left over from some other time before. I just needed to trust myself more and move forward. I am grateful for everyone who has walked that walk with me this year, because I certainly didn't do it alone. I have great aspirations for 2023. I am eager to see what the higher powers have in store for me. I've definitely learned to listen for the messages (they are everywhere!) and to be open to the flow.

....and thank you for being here with me. I appreciate you so much.

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