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Trade Self-Doubt for a Crown

You are extraordinary.

A very big part of self-love is recognizing your worth. We forget sometimes and it affects us when making important decisions like who to give our energy to romantically. When dating or choosing a partner you might fail to see that your time and what you have to offer is VALUABLE. You rate your partner's needs ahead of yours. You shortchange yourself by giving up parts of your life that are important in order to "fit in" for the sake of having that relationship. You unknowingly devalue yourself by trying to "show them" what you have to offer... as though you need to prove your worth. Ever found yourself walking in these shoes?

There was a time in my life when I did these things.... and I wasn't even consciously aware I was doing it!!! Until we take time to know ourselves by identifying and addressing the unhealthy patterns, insecurities or adopted mindsets of less than, we get into unfulfilling partnerships. Without knowing ourselves, we can end up constantly attracting and also displaying the same kinds of behaviors we don't want or like, and wondering "why does this keep happening to me?" Maybe you found yourself continually trying to MAKE things work, when deep down you really didn’t even WANT it to work. I certainly did, but instead of exiting a relationship not meant for me, I kept trying to "be enough" or "be heard". That's when I realized there were deep-seated, long ago messages I'd received that had to be dispelled. Once I'd eliminated those, I understood I had been approaching relationships all wrong. I'd had it in my head THEY were the prize...when it should’ve been the other way around. I AM THE PRIZE!!! When owning that self-appreciation, I know I am all the wonderful things and expect of myself that a man should be worthy of me, my time and my valuable energy. Finding that deep love and acceptance for ourselves is so critical to the success of our relationships. Trade self-doubt for a crown. Knowing we are worthy, personally fulfilled and bringing that Queen energy into every room we enter changes everything. If any part of this message resonates with you, I invite you to please consider joining me for a small group 1-day retreat on February 11th. We’re going to be having discussion about creating healthy boundaries, personal power statements and permission to love yourself. It's time to empower yourself......You matter!

Registration is open now. There are three seats still available and I'd love to have you join us!

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