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The Garden is Bursting with News!

Happy New Year, Goddesses!

I hope the start of 2024 is treating you well! The Garden got a great start to the year with our sold out vision boarding event, "Envision 2024" ... so inspiring! I've also been busy planning upcoming events and have great news to share!

First, I am excited to announce that the Garden of the Goddesses can now accept payments through the website! This makes registering so much easier! 

Speaking of registration…..

I am also excited to announce that the dates for our Spring Weekend Women's Retreat have been chosen! Our retreat will be held March 22-24, 2024. We are finalizing the perfect location and registration will begin soon! 

 "Let Go. Flow. Grow" is a small group women's weekend retreat filled with discussion, reflection, connection and relaxation. It is important that everyone feels seen and heard, so we limit our participants to six per session. 

Our retreats are not about "the story"....

Instead, we focus on how the story made us feel. This is especially important because those stories we have keep us rooted in the past instead of embracing the life we wish to live!


During our weekend together we will be exploring how our physical and emotional states of being have been impacted by negative patterns and behaviors, and unhealthy relationships with Self and others. Our conversations and activities are designed to bring awareness to the "friction" in our body and how to get back to a state of flow. We will be focusing on the positive relationship with Self, trusting intuition, setting healthy boundaries, growth mindset, learning to receive and much more. 

And we’ve left plenty of time for relaxing, bonfires, laughter and bonding! We've seen some beautiful, lasting friendships come out of our weekend retreats!

If you are ready to let go of long-held patterns, find comfort in speaking your truth, and give consideration to what you'd like to invite into your life, this is the perfect weekend experience for you! Time to let go of an old chapter and step forward into the next one! 

I've attached a link to the event if you're curious what it's all about! If you’ve already attended “Let Go. Flow. Grow.” please share with the women in your circle and encourage them to take a look at our offering. Please know that I welcome anyone contacting me directly! I love sharing!

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