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The Butterfly Effect

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

It takes me a week or more after each retreat to fully process All The Things related to the weekend. It's incredible to watch a small group of women who don't know each other walk through the door of the Sanctuary engaging in initial small talk, leave 48 hours later with newly formed friendships, genuine heart-centered connections, and the awareness that we have so much more in common than we realize.

As an energy reader, I experience the shift from "closed off" to "open to receive" ...even in the first few hours. As the weekend transpires, I watch body language go from NO to YES. Furrowed brows, bodies tensely crunched forward, clenched fists and protective palms during our conversations and activities soften into eyes wide open, relaxed postures, open hands and lots of reaching out, holding hands and hugging. It happens every time and it is truly magical. There are moments of quiet reflection. There are tears of recognition and joy. There is laughter and the lightness of simply being fully present in the moment. I am not separate from this. My purpose is to hold a safe space for sharing and to gently guide. My co-facilitator and I take part in every activity. We share equally and deeply.....that's so important to me. And we all know a little more about ourselves by the time the weekend comes to a close. The October retreat was powerful beyond words. I witnessed breakthroughs. The throat chakra sound bowl healing on Sunday morning had a profound effect on everyone, ending a spontaneous group hug. We all became a part of where change begins. There is no part of our weekend where we are not stepping toward a greater understanding of Self. Our time together is a celebration of Self and of connection: love for Self, self-empowerment, and of uplifting our sisters. I truly believe we are stronger together. I know with the entirety of my being that bringing women together in this way is an incredible catalyst for healing all. It's a wave. It's the Butterfly Effect. It's inspiring and I am so grateful to be a part.

Come be a part of where change begins! There is **ONE** space remaining in the November weekend retreat (just 9 days away!) Are you ready to Let Go and Grow?

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