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Re-imagine Yourself: Be a Verb in Life

I want to be a verb.

Recently the idea really struck me that labeling myself as a noun had created a container in which I should fit, boundaries from which I should operate....A box, so to speak. How many different ways had I created a box for myself? If I call myself by the labels, am I causing myself to be less inclined to recognize the endless possibilities of who I can be, what I am capable of and the natural state of constant creation? Nouns are comfortable. They provide definition. But how comfortable do I actually want to be? Am I still stretching myself?… because I want to be so much more than just a static state of being.

I want to be continually, positively affecting.

I want to be moving forward in a continual state of flow.

I want to be in the moment… Every moment, experiencing.

I have been examining all the labels, nouns, and titles I have given myself and found so much life force in setting them free to simply just “be”. I have been so amazed at how this makes my body vibrate with the excitement of life in perpetual continuation!

Just to name a few of the titles I am re-evaluating: Lymphatic Therapist, Empowerment Coach, Writer, Mom, Partner, Woman

I am re-imagining how I see myself more clearly:

I am helping others on a healing journey.

I am connecting women and empowering them.

I am giving back through words and actions.

I am creating art.

I am nurturing and loving those whose lives I touch.

I am sharing my knowledge, gifts and talents.

What if we started sharing who we are with others in terms of actions instead of labels and titles? Sharing this way opens doors for more genuine connection! Consider the positive impact of inspiring! Thinking of ourselves in this way also creates a closer connection to Self. There is so much self-love in recognizing myself as a being of giving and providing when I practice being a verb in I am endless.... and that feels very fulfilling.

If this message resonates with you, I'll be holding a 5-session series (via Zoom) on the topic of Self-Love beginning in late July. Registration is open now. I'd love to have you join us!

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