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Post-50 Self-Care Has Meant A Few Important Changes

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

1. I stopped filling my life with constant things I felt like I “had” to do … which were great excuses for not fully taking part in life and doing things I “wanted” to do. Life is NOT a to-do list!!!!

2. I became more selfish with my time and began filling it with meaningful interactions with those that truly felt good to be around and felt rewarding.

3. I let people who cancel last minute or constantly make excuses be the one to reach out… if they don’t? So be it. If they do? That’s cool, but I’m no longer setting myself up for disappointment.

4. I let go of half-finished projects and re-evaluated what interests and projects I truly wanted to invest my time in.

5. I evaluated my "stuff", paring down my personal items to include only that which is necessary and that which truly brings me joy.

6. I started counseling again. I’ve done a lot of work but there are still those few lingering things and why let them continue to affect me?! And I already feel better knowing I’m making the effort.

7. I spend solo time in nature any chance I get.

These measures have created such a lightness of being and a clear path for manifestation! I am thankful every day for the freedom to explore new-ness and stay present.

Creating "flow" in our lives in an important topic in our Fall Women's retreat, "Let Go. Flow. Grow" There is **ONE** space remaining in the October session (just two weeks away!) and two spaces remaining for the November session. Are you wanting to Let Go and Create space for new-ness in your life? Please join us!

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