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Time to Take Up Space

Yes, you should take up space.

Accept no boxes. Question your place. Desire more. Explore! Fall .... forward but fall ... in fact, free fall eyes. wide. open. Give thanks for where you've been. Give everything your all. Stand tall, don't be small. You have it in you....we all do. So own it. Remember, you are an infinite being wrapped up in this skin for just a little bit trying to remember things ... like what It's all about. So spread your wings, breathe in. breathe out. And take up space.

If any part of this message resonates with you, I invite you to please consider joining me for a small group weekend women’s retreat this Fall. We’re going to be talking about: letting go of old stories, trusting our Intuition, creating Flow in our lives, self-compassion and Growth Mindset. It's time to empower yourself......You matter!

Registration is open now. There are two sessions available and I'd love to have you join us!

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