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Internal Renovations: Healing the Oldest Wounds

I’ve spent so much time spent discarding all but the echoes in this room. It’s a long process shedding the heaviness of things that no longer serve us well.

The dust shimmering on light beams coming through dirty windows can look a lot like confetti, until we realize our Hurt Selves will crawl back into the tiniest spaces, shrinking and shrinking ever so quiet so as not to be found. Healing our Selves is more than just clearing the space. The past is still imprinted in the shadows and stains, scarred flooring, and peeling walls. The real work is in the moving forward, breathing life and color into the stagnant. It’s time for us to open windows and doors, letting the wind rush in. Time for us to breathe deeply and take hold of a tattered edge of dated wallpaper and rip away, like a no longer needed band aid. Time to tear down walls, releasing ourselves from confinements we no longer need.

It’s time to define for ourselves what we will look like.

It is in the work we will expose her: that fragile, long ago, familiar child. Greet her with love and acceptance. Help her to unravel from aging rafters and splintered beams. Take her hand and dance with wild abandon until she is free of cobwebs and the laughter raises the roof. Spin and spin until bare feet wear marred floors down to a smooth surface. Until the walls fall away. Until the sun begins to set and you both lie down, dizzy and breathless, still holding hands. Let her purge through Story until the very last word fades away into the night and the two of you are no longer separate.

And you find yourself, whole and free, under a starry sky.

Inner child work isn't easy. And healing has a way of circling back around again and again as we peel back layers of understanding and acceptance. The Garden of the Goddesses experiences are designed to create a safe space for vulnerable conversations. I hope you will join us some time.

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