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Welcome To The Goddesses Garden!

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Gather. Connect. Share. My purpose is deeply connected to these powerful words. Creating this website was a stretch for me... I'm not the techie type!! But I'm so excited to have created a home to share my services and events. And also the ability to share via this blog! I hope that you will subscribe and follow along ... and also share with the women in your lives! Who among us couldn't benefit from opportunities to genuinely connect and receive support, right? Let me tell you a little about my journey to arrive here at this moment.....

In 2016 I created an on-line women’s group called the Garden of the Goddesses because I saw a huge need for safe and genuine female connection time within my own tribe. For four years we used a Facebook group as an virtual gathering space to safely discuss the very important topics of self-love and self-empowerment. At that point I was already four years into my own healing journey and spiritual awakening which, quite honestly, began the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then my personal growth journey has included shamans, healers of all kinds, past life regressions, inner child work, ancestral healing and so much more. Throughout my journey, what has stood out to me most is the great need for connection between women. The relationships I have cultivated with women in the last decade have been imperative to my well-being. The concept of the Garden of the Goddesses was such a huge step for me! It meant facing fears of inadequacy. I mean, who am I to think I can facilitate a group? And the experience of the Garden of the Goddesses progressed into the blessing of coaching both individual and group sessions. Again, challenging that old story of not being worthy until I realized I don’t need to have the answers… I just have to be! So here I am owning my purpose, which is simple: Gather Women. Create Connection. Empower. I am honored to be a holding container ~ to open discussions and to provide a safe environment in which women can come together, be vulnerable, and lift each other up. Those of us whose path resonates, will find each other and we will flourish for it. We each have our own very special journey, but I’m so grateful for any opportunity to walk together for a little while!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for being here! If you'd like to subscribe, please scroll to the bottom of the Home page and enter your email address!

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