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Dragon Slayer

Today I found a pile of journals from years past, filled with messy thoughts and scribbled prose, pieces of me buried in poetic string. At first I cringed, my heart reeling, experiencing “The Past”, the decades of previous versions of me all at once.

At that moment, I felt weak.

The pages told of struggle and stumbling, of illness and disillusionment, of having no voice

…and sometimes allowing that to be by choice.

So I breathed deep, bringing myself back to “The Now”….and suddenly I realized:

No ….wait ….I slayed dragons!!!!

Sometimes quietly,

Sometimes with grace,

Sometimes fiery and face-to-face.

And the words on these pages are powerful! They tell of passion and strength, of resilience and faith … because I chose this path. I cut it out of the earth with my hands and my heart and I have lived it with Love!

So I gathered all my journals and hugged them tightly, owning all that is me so far and giving thanks to our Creator for this Grand Experience.

THIS is what warrioresses are made of.

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