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Choosing "Me" is Not a Selfish Act

Many of us are nurturers so it can initially be confusing, learning what exactly “choosing Self” means. As a hardcore nurturer/caretaker, I had a really hard time figuring this out.

There have been times when I “mostly chose” me... and then one day I realized that not FULLY choosing myself had continuously kept me from living my best life. This showed up in lots of ways related to opportunities, relationships and health. A few years ago I came to a point where I absolutely made the decision to choose ME. During that time I ended relationships not healthy for me and spent a lot of alone time reflecting, re-evaluating and re-focusing.

I realized that choosing me doesn’t mean I am not there for others... it means:

.... finally considering myself with as much, if not more, love and concern as I give others when making decisions. I began honoring myself with equal respect.

....trusting myself/my intuition by not allowing my choices and decisions be led by others influences and opinions. I began attuning to my body’s negative physiological responses as clues to when I was not considering Self. As a result, I traded impulsive decision-making for thoughtful consideration.

...learning the many ways of "saying no”/creating boundaries. I recognized I owed no one explanations. I practiced being consistent and clear.

....choosing time alone/recharge moments when I needed it. We’ve heard it a million times “you can’t pour from an empty glass” ~ as a cancer survivor, I can tell you with 100% certainty that ignoring self-care leads to health issues.

I have clearly begun to see there is a direct correlation between choosing myself and the abundance in my life.

Remember ~ what you choose, chooses YOU.

Make a practice of choosing yourself every day and watch the magic unfold.

If this message resonates with you, I'll be holding a 5-session series (via Zoom) on the topic of Self-Love beginning in late July. Registration is open now. I'd love to have you join us!

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