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Boundaries: An Empowering Act of Self-Love!

It isn't easy creating boundaries or sticking to them.

In my role as an empowerment coach, the two questions I get asked most frequently are "How do I create healthy boundaries?" and "What does a healthy boundary look like?"

On Sunday, October 1st I'll be holding a half-day class for the ladies on this very important topic. We'll be talking about establishing and maintaining boundaries with self, family and friends, and the workplace. Also, diving into trusting Intuition, identifying unhealthy patterns and respecting boundaries ~ yours and someone else's. This is a great class for creating self-awareness and honoring self! It's also very timely with the upcoming holiday season when we are sometimes faced with difficult relationships in stressful situations. This class provides helpful discussions and opportunities to practice those boundaries in a small group environment.

It feels so good to develop a relationship with yourself that allows you to confidently "say yes" or "say no" in alignment with being the best version of yourself! I've done a lot of work for myself around this. Whew, it is not always easy...especially when it comes to those difficult relationships, but I can tell you with certainty that it can be accomplished! Learning to create boundaries is such an empowering act of self-love and one that will serve you well in all aspects of your life.

Share this article with the ladies in your life! And I hope to see you or someone you hold dear in this class on Sunday, October 1st! Three spaces remaining! Join us!

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