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Be You Anyway: Overcoming Self-Doubt

Not everyone is going to like you or understand you. Not everyone will appreciate what you have to offer. You might be judged... perhaps harshly or unfairly. Be you anyway. That's hard to do for some of us who are or have struggled with self-doubt and people pleasing.

The further I get down my own path, these words become a powerful reminder of the journey to live comfortably and contently in my own body. I am not for everyone and I also cannot be all things to all people.

I will be too much or not enough. I will be misunderstood. There will be opinions formed about me that have nothing to do with who I am. I can put genuine heart and soul into something good and there can always be someone that doesn't like it.

The truth is, none of these things have anything to do with me at all. These feelings are a part of someone else's experience and a lens through which they choose to view me. As long as I am living authentically, I can accept these things for what they are and not be knocked off balance. There is a lot of healing and personal growth in being able to stand in the strength of my own being without self-doubt.

This might be an especially important message for you to receive as we head into the holiday season.

Remember, be you ANYWAY.

Happy Holidays! I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for being here and for taking the time to read my blog posts. I appreciate you so much! Please feel free to share my website with anyone you think would resonate with the messages here! Let's keep connecting our sisters! I hope to see you in 2023 when we'll l be talking about overcoming self-doubt and many other important topics! Many blessings to each of you as we move into a new year!!

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