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About Strength (Things to Remember in A Low Moment)

Sometimes when things are tough or when I am in the process of picking myself up and dusting myself off, I feel like I am not strong and I struggle with the thought of that, thinking things like:

I am failing.

I am weak.

I feel lost.

I have doubt.

I feel like I have taken steps backwards.

…because we often confuse strength with “the fruits of success” as opposed to it being the rawness, tears and bruises of the process.

Strength is really very quiet and personal, hidden in the moment before “that moment”. It is the burning force of necessity, pushing forward against a knot in your throat before you speak your truth. It is in the whole body peace you feel with the humility of acceptance. It is the sudden resolution of the internal battle you’ve been fighting before you rise up.

....before you leave.

....before you move forward.

....before you let go.

....before you say no.

and sometimes also before you say yes ...because saying “yes” for your own benefit is really hard!

That first push of momentum that precedes any change….yes, that is REALLY where strength is found.

So today I am reminding myself what strength is as I examine my wounds.

It's really easy to let doubts steal our power from us! It's time to empower yourself... you matter! Our Fall Weekend Women's Retreats are coming up soon and I invite you to please consider joining me for a few days devoted to small group discussions around self-compassion, letting go of old stories, trusting our Intuition, creating Flow in our lives, and Growth Mindset. Registration is open now. There are two sessions available and I'd love to have you join us!

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